Creating awesome environments for kids, through the power of wonder and imagination, that parents love too.

Kefi (keh-fee)
Experiential joy; spirited, passionate, happy, fun; love for life as a way of life

Our Perspective

Families are Underserved

There just aren’t many great places where families can play and be together. We’re creating family hangout spaces for both kids and parents. Giving kids the best 90 minutes in their week and parents the space to thrive.

Play Matters

Play Matters

No matter our age, our gender, our race, through play, we create moments. Moments that stretch our imagination and take us to new places, new possibilities. Moments that help us learn, create, collaborate, and laugh. It’s why we’ll never stop creating more moments of play, for kids and parents too.
Friendship Matters

Friendship Matters

Life moves quick and can pull us in many directions, making it tough to build meaningful connections. Kefi™ is about making the time. It’s about fostering friendships. In a place, a haven, an incubator overflowing with possibilities and fun. A place of play, of relaxation, of creativity, of growth.

We’re building places for the whole family to hang out – where kids can enjoy and parents can recharge.

Our Locations

Our first location in Atlanta will be a 22,000 sq. ft. retreat for families and communities to play, explore and become closer. Kefi™ play experiences will use tomorrow’s technology and story-based adventures for children to learn and play together.


Summer 2019

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Summer 2020


Chicago & Dallas

Summer 2021

Hi, We're Kefi.

Some might say it’s a playground, a theme park or a toy store. But it’s not. It’s totally different. A new kind of space for kids and parents to make friends, have fun, and explore – we call it playtainment™.

At the heart of Kefi™ are family hangout spaces with awesome story-driven play experiences for kids and beautifully crafted spaces for parents, as well as online environments that connects the play back home for the entire family.

We’re working with some amazing partners to provide families with a place where everyone can hang out and do their thing. It’s not just play. It’s Kefi!

Two ways to play and chill out with us -

Physical family hangout locations

Play Experiences



Parent Spaces

Great Coffee

Online experiences for kids and parents




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Our Team

New things are on the way!
Welcome to our beta site - thanks for visiting! We’re hard at work creating an online experience for parents and kids that will leave you in awe! In the meantime, feel free to jump right in and explore the world of Kefi.