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Hi, We're Kefi.

What is Kefi? It’s both a Greek word, and a new place for kids and families to hang out together. Either way, it’s really hard to define. And that’s what’s so great about it.

At its heart, Kefi is a reimagined space for families where parents recharge, and kids learn to develop the superpowers they’ll one day use to change the world. It’s part playground, part work space, part coffee shop, part theme park, part high tech gaming arena, plus a lot of other parts we can’t think of just now. And yet none of those things really sums it up.

Our best advice to figure out what Kefi really is? Just close your eyes and open your imagination.

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New things are on the way!
Welcome to our beta site - thanks for visiting! We’re hard at work creating an online experience for parents and kids that will leave you in awe! In the meantime, feel free to jump right in and explore the world of Kefi.

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