Join Moms on Call as they discuss all the baby products one might need to navigate the unknown. See below for a more exhaustive list…

Baby’s Room

  • Moms on Call Swaddle Blankets (QTY: 2-3)
  • Nail clippers with the white handgrip
  • Crib (bought new or within the past 5 years) 
  • Firm crib mattress (bought new or within the past
    5 years) 
  • Breathable Mesh Bumper pad 
  • Crib Sheets (QTY: 4-6)
  • Short Sleeve Onesie (QTY: 10)
  • Light Cotton Sleeper with footies (QTY: 6-8)
  • Video Monitor
  • Sound Machine (made for adults)
  • Plug covers (they even make ones that cover
    outlets where things are plugged in)
  • Cool Mist Humidifier for use as needed
  • Carbon Monoxide and smoke detector


  • Baby hair and body wash
  • Washcloths (QTY: baby 6-8, regular 2-3)
  • Adult sized towels (QTY: 4-6)
  • Hand towels (QTY: 2-4)
  • Baby brush with medium bristles
  • Anti-skid mat for the bottom of the tub
  • Changing Stations
  • Bulb Syringe (keep the one they give you at the
  • Kirkland’s Diaper Wipes (Costco)
  • Changing Pad (you can put rug grippers or velcro
    tape underneath the changing pad -where it
    touches the dresser -to help keep it from slipping)
  • Changing Pad covers (QTY: 4-6)
  • Diapers (Pampers Swaddlers are our favorite for
    babies under 12 pounds)
  • Digital Thermometer (for the diaper bag) (QTY: 2)


  • Gerber First Essentials or Similac disposable nipples (Amazon®) on standard
    bottles (QTY: 9 each of five oz. and nine oz.)
  • Bottle brush to clean inside of bottles
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Regular pillows to prop behind your
    back and under your breastfeeding pillow
    for support
  • Breast pump (you can rent this from the hospital; you will want the electric one)
  • Long-handled infant spoons (QTY: 6-8)
  • Small bowls (QTY: 6-8)
  • Formula (you will get samples from the
  • Breastmilk storage bags
  • Spill-proof Sippy Cups (QTY: 4)


  • Bouncy Seat (get two if you a have a 2-story house)
  • Carseat – new with additional bases for all caregivers’ vehicles
  • Baby swing
  • Stroller (light enough for you to manage)
  • Soft Center Pacifiers from Gerber (Amazon®)
  • Cloth Diapers (to use as burp cloths) (QTY: 6-8)
  • Standard baby blankets (for tummy time on the floor, putting over them in the carseat/bouncy seat or swing) (QTY: 3-4)
  • Age-appropriate baby toys are great but in the first six months, the most
    fun and interesting thing in the world is you!
Moms On Call
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