How to Inspire Your Child’s Creativity: Activities to Enhance Right-Brain Development

Shelley Tate

Inspiring creativity opens a child’s mind to new ways of thinking. It is creativity that increases the effectiveness of strong leaders and visionaries of the future. All that wonderful inspiration comes, in part, from a creative hub in our brain, known specifically as the right-brain”.  Enhancing right-brain skills at an early age taps into creativity, important to your child’s brain development and “thinking” skills.

My favorite way to enhance creativity in my family… we simply play! 

Don’t always be inhibited by rules and instructions. Here is an example…

Break out that box of Lego bricks that never formed into the $179.00 Star Wars Millennium Falcon and encourage your child to build something new and creative. You will be amazed at what your child builds with spare pieces and no instruction manual. Yes, you may have Legos scattered across the floor (Watch where you step. Trust me, there is no pain like a Lego underfoot!). This type of free-play will ignite right-brain creative thinking and help prepare your child for future creative challenges.

Check out these additional ideas to encourage creative play for your family:


Free Play 

  • Unscheduled time – provide time for unstructured play.
  • Blocks – a simple set of wood blocks can inspire great builds. No instructions. No manual. 
  • Dramatic Play Box – make a box of hats, scarves, masks, wands, and anything to inspire imaginative play.



  • Listen to music with your child – I like to take a break from Kid’s Bop and play symphonic and classical music pieces while doing other creative activities like art and cooking. And stay connected by asking about the music they like (and dislike).
  • Create a playlist of various genres of songs for car rides and bedtime.
  • Talk about how a song invokes feelings.
  • Learn an instrument – even a simple recorder or kazoo is a great start.


  • Have art supplies accessible – paper, pencils, markers, crayons, etc.
  • Make art a choice as a downtime activity.
  • Read books about famous artists and artwork – iconic artists such as Monet, Van Gogh, Warhol.
  • Take a tour of a local art exhibit or gallery – spend time talking about color, style, and form.


  • Provide a camera to document a day or an event – photos from a child’s perspective are priceless.
  • Make an online photo book together.


  • Puzzle apps – some of my family’s favorites are:
    • Happy Glass – fill an unhappy glass with water by drawing lines to fill it up with water. Great for thinking outside the box!
    • Word Stacks – brain building word puzzles
    • Word Crossy – connect letters to spell out words
  • Online coding and websites for children (and adults):
    • Scratch – A family favorite at my house! Scratch is great for creating stories, games and animations. You can even share your creation with the world.
    • Minecraft – Most families have been “overtaken” by Minecraft, but I had to list it as a great creative activity for planning, processing and building. It is a tech adventure involving block placement in infinite worlds and strategizing to keep your creations from disasters. 
    • Tynker – A self-paced coding exploration that has thousands of fun activities. Tynker uses visual code blocks to teach code in a progressive, hands-on experience.

You can use these very same activities to inspire your own family’s creative thinking. Children are all creative thinkers in their own unique ways; they apply creative right-brain thinking every day to their playtime, school work, and future careers. What play activities can you think of that will spark your child’s creativity?

Shelley Tate
Shelley brings a unique perspective to her writing with experience as a teacher, curriculum author, volunteer and her favorite role, Mom. Together with her husband Dave, they are seasoned parents raising their five perfectly imperfect children in beautiful Waxhaw, NC.

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