About Us


For the Whole Family

Making lives easier for parents and more fun for kids.


We want to make it easier for care takers to find moments to care for themselves. On-site fitness classes, child drop off services, relaxing grown ups only-lounges, and parenting resources through Moms On Call and other local partners are all available to our members to help you feel supported. Happy parents, happy family!


Our littlest friends (12-23 months) can discover, create, and make sense of the world around them through unstructured play while tots (24-35 months) can partake in lite programming specifically designed for this transitional age. 

With Playsmiths as gentle directors setting the stage, junior explorers (ages 3-5) can turn their dream worlds into reality through navigating our inspiring spaces with their peers.

Big kids (ages 6-12) engage in developmentally appropriate, tech-enhanced, and immersive experiences. We embrace their love for all things digital while prioritizing play that helps kids develop physically, socially, and emotionally.


As a gathering spot where families of all types can come to get recharged in an imaginative, one-of-a-kind space, intentionally designed for their unique needs, here at  Kefi we strive to be an inclusive environment for families of all sizes, shapes, and walks of life. Because play knows no bounds.


In the Words of Our Members


“Kefi is hands down the best place for my kids to play in a safe & clean environment while I’m able to get some work done. The staff is always so friendly and helpful! It’s a home away from home and truly one of a kind.”


“The staff are incredibly kind and amazing. They recognized my children and me on our second visit and knew all of our names by the third visit. They work hard, but are so sweet while working hard. And I really appreciate their focus on cleanliness.”


“As a working Mom, Kefi was a game-changer for me before COVID-19 and now so even more. Thank you to your team and everything you’ve had to ‘roll with’ while things in our country keep changing.” 


In the Words of Our Friends

Modern Luxury

The idea is to support an entire family’s well-being. “We are constantly changing our projected environments and rotating content platforms to enhance physical play, and we try to shake things up with mixed reality games,” says Sarah Kilpatrick, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer at Atlanta-based and tech-savvy Kefi. Plus “radio-frequency identification-based check-in ensures kids are correctly matched up with their grown-ups,” she adds, and rigorous cleaning systems keep everyone safe.

Atlanta Parent

If all this wasn’t enough, the amenity that makes Kefi totally worth it is the staff. The ratio of staff to kids is low and these people are awesome –my kids loved this experience so much, they didn’t want to leave and immediately asked when we were going back. I loved it because I completed a work project while my kids had a great time using their imaginations and staying active. While there, I texted numerous friends a photo of my coffee and kids playing on TV with the line, “I live here now,” and you’ll probably do the same.

Atlanta Magazine

Prepare to be awed by the details. The toilets are child-sized. The sinks have stepstools. Everything is sterilized daily using Zonos machines. The lighting is soft and sounds are muted. There are Playsmiths everywhere. They bend down to talk to children on-level and engage them with questions like “can you make a train that’s eight cars long?”

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