About Us

Kefi is a modern family club designed to make life easier for parents and more fun for kids. With over 28,000 sq. ft of space, there’s something for everyone! As a gathering spot where families of all types can come to get recharged in an imaginative, one-of-a-kind space, intentionally designed for their unique needs, Kefi strives to be an inclusive environment for families of all sizes, shapes, and walks of life. Because play knows no bounds.

For Grown Ups

We provide fitness and self-care services to help you decompress, as well as adults-only spaces if you need to catch up on work. Got places to be? Take advantage of our Drop Off program to maximize your productivity. Secure the title “Parent of the Year” without lifting a finger by letting our party planners make birthday dreams come true!

For Kids

Kids ages 12 and under can enjoy guided and free play, with a mix of toy play, classes, and gaming. Our play spaces and skilled Playsmiths are focused on helping kids develop their confidence, creativity, and collaboration skills. Daily drop offs are available for kids to tap into their playful side every day.

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