About Us

Kefi is a modern family club designed to make life easier for parents and more fun for kids.

As a gathering spot where families of all types can come to get recharged in an imaginative, one-of-a-kind space, intentionally designed for their unique needs, here at  Kefi we strive to be an inclusive environment for families of all sizes, shapes, and walks of life. Because play knows no bounds.

For Grown Ups

Every superhero needs a sidekick and we're here to be a haven and resource to you.


You can take a breather and decompress in one of our grown ups-only lounges. They are the perfect places to catch up on a book club read, tackle the unread in your inbox, or enjoy coffee with a friend.


We want to make it easier for care takers to find moments to care for themselves. On-site fitness classes, child drop off services, and parenting resources through Moms On Call and other local partners are all available to our members to help you feel supported. Happy parents, happy family!


Kefi is your one stop shop for all the little tasks on your to do list. Dinner’s a no-brainer with meal kits, grab a last minute gift in our retail space, or pass off the hassle of planning the most perfect event to one of our personal party planners.

For Kids

Every child is special and unique, we're here to provide a safe and carefree environment where kids can just be kids

Crawlers & Littles Play

Our littlest friends (12-23 months) can discover, create, and make sense of the world around them through unstructured play while tots (24-35 months) can partake in lite programming specifically designed for this transitional age. 

Juniors Play

For kids ages 3-5, we invite them to dive into the depths of their imagination through creative, engaging activities and toy play. With Playsmiths as gentle directors setting the stage, junior explorers can turn their dream worlds into reality through navigating our inspiring spaces with their peers.

Big Kids Play

Kids ages 6-12 engage in developmentally appropriate, tech-enhanced, and immersive experiences. We embrace their love for all things digital while prioritizing play that helps kids develop physically, socially, and emotionally. Our Playsmiths support and encourage kids as they are challenged to try new things and engage with their peers.

Our People

We're a tight-knit group, committed to being a community that supports living joy-filled lives.

The Best of the Best

All of our team members are extensively screened and tested before they join Kefi. Everyone has considerable experience with kids and have passed background checks, drug tests, and sex offender registry checks. Our team leads are current in CPR, AED, and First Aid certifications. 

Here for the Long Haul

As a members’ club we are intentional about building relationships and getting to know our member families. To do this well, we never outsource our kids’ programming, hire seasonal-only employees, or use staffing agencies. 

Unlike Any Other

Each of our team members has unique experiences and brings  expertise from their fields, including education, cruise ship & country club programming, and performing arts, just to name a few.

Our Space

Our tech-integrated spaces lets imaginations run wild. Each area is a blank slate that, through the use of projections and lighting, can become anything in the world – from the command center of a space ship to an erupting volcano. With eight unique zones that are frequently changing, there’s always something new to discover!


We’re obsessed with keeping things clean, which is why we have 14 hand sanitizer stations, sticky mats that catch dirt and germs at the entrance, magical hand washing stations, and ZONO machines that kill 99% of all bad guys such as bacteria, viruses, and lice.


In addition to our extensive staff screenings, we have state of the art security systems, fall safe flooring, and live video monitoring of our play spaces so grown ups can check in on their kids from the on-site lounges. In light of the current pandemic we are requiring that all adults and children 3+ wear a mask while onsite. 


With small group, guided experiences, kids can explore the endless possibilities of their imaginations while playing with peers who share similar needs and interests. All play at Kefi is designed to be creative,  imaginative, achievement-based, explorative, or construction-based in nature to promote healthy development and an all around good time!

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