We’re here to inspire more moments of play, every day, for stronger families and communities.

Kefi (keh-fee)
Experiential joy; spirited, passionate, happy, fun; love for life as a way of life

Play isn't just for the weekends anymore...

Worlds of Play

A never-before-seen combo of high tech story driven Playtainment (we invented that word), designed to inspire the imagination and spark friendship. You’ll have to see it to make believe it!

Parent-Only Spaces

Choose to join your children on a Kefi adventure or keep an eye on activities while working or relaxing in one of two parent-only spaces. Hang out in the Oasis or put on our headphones and connect to your device in the Listening Lounge. Hey, parents need their playtime too!

Xander Coffee

It’s like your favorite coffee shop marrying the best living room in the world. It’s got gourmet coffee and snacks made of only feel-good ingredients. Xander is free to enter, so you can grab a latte, a Sweet Loren’s cookie, or a Kombucha to-go.

Kefi Studios

Our retail space is basically the coolest tech store merging with the best toy store, plus a content studio for your child to make their next unboxing video. Toys are always out of boxes for kids to play with and parents to discover.

Top 20 Totally Amazing Features of Kefi

Explore a Few of Our Worlds of Play

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Storycave: Behind the Scenes

Our play experiences will use tomorrow’s technology and story-based adventures for children to learn and play together. Here’s a behind the scenes look at Storycave, an immersive, story-driven play experience.

Play Video
Play Video

ToyTropolis: Trailer

ToyTropolis is a place where kid’s imaginations take toys to new heights. Check out this trailer to learn more!

Welcome to Beginnings

A place for our littlest friends…consider it the largest crib in the country! Beginnings is an environment for non-walkers to explore and develop through age-appropriate play and expression.

Child Safety Partners

Kefi in the USA

New spaces for the whole family coming soon from coast to coast.



Opening Soon
Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Summer 2020

Kefi-Chicago & Dallas

Chicago & Dallas

Summer 2021

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