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Welcome to Kefi! A place for kids and parents to play, relax, and be together. With experienced Playsmiths activating our epic play environments, captivating classes, and spots for parents to relax and sip their coffee (while it’s still hot!), Kefi has something for everyone! Explore our membership benefits for exclusive drop-off and date night options!

Hours & Admission

Hours of Play

9am – 6pm, Mon – Sat

Xander Coffee
6:30am – 6pm, Mon – Sat

2-Hour Play Pass

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*Prices are for adults and kids; Infants 11 months and under are free for a limited time!


Play and programming for kids.

Studies show that children need at least 1 hour of unstructured play time a day. Blending unstructured play with top toys, Kefi’s environment enhances imaginative play, creativity, divergent thinking, collaboration, and fun. Playsmiths activate, guide, and intentionally engage kids on their Kefi journey. Special features like fall-safe flooring, security play bracelets, and monitors to check in on the kids allow parents to relax and kids to be safe! Workshops, labs, and programming for kids ages 1-12 add to all the fun Kefi already offers.


Spaces just for parents.

Looking for a place to relax, work, or chat with friends while enjoying a hot cup of coffee? With 2 parents-only spaces to enjoy and opportunities to play independently for kids ages 3+ and an hour of intentional play time for babies and toddlers, 12-35 months. Parents can rest easy knowing your kids are being engaged while you engage in whatever YOU want!


Amazing play staff we call Playsmiths!

These professors of fun are our full-time childhood learning experts. They make every kid feel welcome and can help them on their Kefi play adventure. They lead classes, programming, and can even be found performing on our Kefi Studios stage!

Top 20 Totally Amazing Features of Kefi

Upcoming Weekly Programming



Wednesday 10/23

Costume Creation Challenge

Our ToyTropolis toys are ready to trick or treat and need your child’s help to make their costumes! Kids will choose a toy, design a costume, and build it from unconventional materials. They’ll utilize abstract thinking, visualization, and fine motor skills to translate their costumes from page to reality.



Wednesday 10/23

Slime Time Lab

Got a mad scientist in your midst always ready to cook up concoctions? Kids will learn to make slime from scratch and then test its properties in our putty puzzle mazes! An experience that builds curiosity, reflectiveness, decision making, and problem solving gives all budding scientists the chance to sharpen their STEM skills.



Thursday 10/24

Spooky Yoga

It’s a Halloween journey through classic yoga poses! We’ll build mind and body awareness as we arch our backs like black cats, balance on invisible brooms, and stretch our spooky branches to the sky.



Thursday 10/24

Kefi Family Night

Join us for our FREE spooktacular family night at Kefi! Take part in a costume parade in Kefi Studios, cookie decorating in Xander, free tours, and treats for all ages!

Our Play Experiences


Here at Kefi, we believe that toys come alive through the power of a kid’s imagination. They aren’t inanimate objects, but living and breathing trinkets that provide experiential joy. In this kids’ only space, our friends, ages 3 and up, can enjoy all that toys have to offer. ToyTropolis provides a chance to decompartmentalize the world of play. Don’t be surprised when Barbie takes a Hot Wheels ride to visit Optimus Prime and rescue an Apatosaurus! Andi, Kefi’s digital puppet, helps foster vocabulary development and communication skills in real time as kids play, to broaden the scope of imaginations without impeding play.


Kick off your shoes and crawl on into the world’s biggest crib! Enjoy watching your babes engage in the beginning stages of creativity. Crafted and designed for crawlers and early walkers, Beginnings offers babies and toddlers the chance to play and explore the world around them with developmentally appropriate wooden puzzles, instruments, push toys, and rattles. With constant toy rotation and sanitization, everyone can relax and just play! 

Toy Testing Lab

Become a Toy Testing Master in Kefi’s very own Toy Testing Lab. With the hottest toys for kids ages 3-12, come spend time at our state-of-the-art lab to play, test, and review toys that are sure to be on the kids’ next wish list. All toys were intentionally and strategically chosen to not only offer fun, but to develop 21st century skills, problem solving, communication, and sustained attention span. With guidance from Kefi’s leading scientists and Toy Testing Masters, every kid is sure to find success and have a blast in their pursuit of achieving Toy Testing Master status. Kids can scan their sensor bands to create a toy video review and start earning points towards discounted toys!


Dog lovers and Fairy fanatics unite! Storycave transports friends young and old, into immersive and imaginative worlds outside the boundaries of our imaginations. Little friends enjoy the playfulness of PuppyTown by customizing, training, and leading their puppy to find the key of the city on our giant main screen game. Fairies, wizards, and dragons more up your alley? Our older friends enjoy the chance to create and train their own heroes and dragons before flying them on our main screen game to take back the castle. Come and enjoy the opportunity to be the author of the most exciting story you have every written! Kids can even scan their sensor bracelets to customize and create unique content, which gets sent to you as a souvenir!

Fun Field

Run, jump, skip, hop, and climb on over to Kefi to explore all that Fun Field has to offer! With a moveable climbing structure, an augmented reality mirror, and various projection mapping games being led by our enthusiastic and engaging Playsmiths, this space is a place for kids to let loose. Intentionally designed to help kids hone their gross motor skills as well as advance their problem solving and direction following, Fun Field hides all of the “educational” stuff behind the fun being had. Come experience this hot spot during a quick game of escape the lava!

Beat Box

Bust a move, drop a beat, and compose your own song in Beat Box! Our youngest friends will enjoy the bright lights, fun music, hype man Playsmiths, and open space to break it down. More sophisticated music lovers engage in early stages of music theory by composing their own original songs at one of our headphone stations or simply adding to the tunes being played on our drum pads and light harps. No more noise! This space is about making and enjoying the rhythm of life! Kids can scan their sensor bands to create a song of their own – which you’ll have sent to you so you can rock out at home and start earning free passes to an upcoming music and dance events!

Child Safety Partners

We offer the highest level of cleanliness and safety for kids and parents. From our Kefi safety bracelets and operational procedures to daily toy cleaning and hand washing stations, we ensure every aspect of Kefi is just that – clean, safe and fun!

Make Your Way To Play

We’re conveniently located across from Phipps Mall in Buckhead and offer free parking.

Our full address is:
Kefi Atlanta
3637 Peachtree Rd. NE, Suite D
Atlanta, GA 30319

Call us at: 404.937.3352

Or email to:

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