Kefi Atlanta

Kefi is a unique place designed for kids and parents.

Our industry-leading safety features and trained Playsmiths enable kids to develop their confidence, imagination, and independence while making friends. Parents get to enjoy coworking spaces, drop-off programs, or attend an expert chat on parenting.


Play and classes for kids.

  • Kefi offers unstructured & guided play for kids 1-12.
  • Our play experiences change weekly.
  • Special features like fall-safe flooring, security play bracelets, and Playsmiths in every room allow kids to freely and safely move about the space. We call it “free range play”. Beneficial to kids and parents!

Spaces just for parents.

  • We offer two dedicated coworking rooms for parents.
  • Each with coffee service, private work booths, and live TV feeds from every play space.
  • Parents can enjoy a coffee break next to our space for crawlers & early walkers where Playsmiths supervise intentional play.

Amazing play staff called Playsmiths!

Playsmiths are early childhood experts who guide kids and keep them safe. See their bios under the “Playsmith” tab!

Kefi Play Spaces


In this kids’ only space, our friends, ages 3 and up, can enjoy all that toys have to offer.  Don’t be surprised when Barbie takes a Hot Wheels ride to visit Optimus Prime and rescue an Apatosaurus! Andi, Kefi’s digital puppet, helps foster vocabulary development and communication skills in real time as kids play, to broaden the scope of imaginations without impeding play.


Kick off your shoes and enjoy watching your babes engage in the beginning stages of creativity. Crafted and designed for crawlers and early walkers, Beginnings offers babies and toddlers the chance to play and explore the world around them with developmentally appropriate wooden puzzles, instruments, push toys, and rattles. 


Storycave transports friends young and old into immersive and imaginative worlds outside the boundaries of our imaginations. Little friends enjoy the playfulness of PuppyTown by customizing, training, and leading their puppy to find the key of the city on our giant main screen game. Our older friends can create and train their own heroes and dragons before flying them on our main screen game to take back the castle. Kids can even scan their sensor bracelets to customize and create unique content, which we’ll send you as a souvenir!

Toy Testing Lab

Become a Toy Testing Master in Kefi’s very own Toy Testing Lab. Come spend time at our state-of-the-art lab to play, test, and review toys that are sure to be on your 3-12 year old’s next wish list. All toys were intentionally and strategically chosen to not only offer fun, but to develop 21st century skills, problem solving, communication, and sustained attention span. With guidance from Kefi’s leading Toyologists, every kid is sure to find success while having a blast.

Fun Field

Run, jump, skip, hop, and climb on over to Kefi to explore all that Fun Field has to offer! With a moveable climbing structure, an augmented reality mirror, and various projection mapping games being led by our Playsmiths, this space is a place for kids to let loose. Kids can hone their gross motor skills as well as advance their problem solving and direction following…Fun Field hides all of the “educational” stuff behind the good times being had. Come experience this hot spot during a quick game of escape the lava!

Beat Box

Bust a move, drop a beat, and compose your own song in Beat Box! Our youngest friends will enjoy the bright lights, fun music, and open space to break it down. More sophisticated music lovers can compose their own original songs at one of our headphone stations or simply play on our drum pads and light harps. Kids can scan their sensor bands to create a song of their own – which you’ll have sent to you so you can rock out at home!

Our Coworking Spaces

Two elegant productivity spaces to get work done while your kids enjoy guided play led by our Playsmiths. Both spaces have live television feeds of all the play rooms so you can keep an eye on your child. Plus, we have concierge food & beverage service.

Parent Oasis

  • Large tables for collaborative work
  • 3 private phone booths
  • An elevated view of the play space

Private Work Booths

Listening/Study Lounge

  • Complimentary sound-cancelling headphones
  • Spacious personal seating and 4 private phone booths
  • Areas to sit across from your child while they do homework

Top 20 Totally Amazing Features of Kefi

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