We're here to make life easier for parents!

Every superhero needs a sidekick and our goal is to be a haven and resource to you. In addition to providing kids with enriching fun, Kefi offers empowering experiences and amenities to grown ups:


These workouts are like no other. Each adults-only class is uniquely designed to be a fully immersive, sensory experience and is led by world-class instructors. Think calming lights, soothing sounds, and relaxing landscape visuals on our 16’ high projection walls. Check out our class schedule (with more to come!) to reserve your spot.


Cheers to your health. With access to adults-only lounges and meditation classes, grown ups can take a breather and decompress. Our Oasis lounge is the perfect place to catch up on a book club read or some work from the office. You can also order a freshly made smoothie from Xander Coffee and get it delivered to your spot without moving a muscle!


Parenting is hard, but we hope to make it easier. Dinner’s a no-brainer with Garnish & Gather meal kits available for pick up in our café. Need to prep for a big presentation? Bring the kiddos and set up camp in one of our coworking lounges. Utilize our Drop Off program when you need to catch up on errands. Happy parents, happy family.

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