Redefining the Social Club 
for the Modern Family.


It’s with great sadness that we announce we will be closing Kefi on May 22, 2021. Due to our pending closure, we are unable to accept new members or book additional private events.

Kefi was built on the idea that families deserve better. Several years ago, we jumped at the chance to help families in their pursuit of joy by making life easier for parents and more fun for kids. What started as a plucky startup became so much more — a community. We witnessed milestones, celebrations, growth, and we had the privilege of sharing those moments with the families we support.

Like everyone, we never could have predicted that a global pandemic would force us to temporarily close after 6 months of operation. When we cautiously reopened after several months of lockdown, we weren’t sure anyone would show up again. But we were overwhelmed with the support of our families and will never forget how our community showed up for us.

Thanks for joining us on this wild, wonderful journey. It’s been an honor to support families through the ups and downs of the past year and we remain committed to fulfilling our mission until we close our doors for the last time. We hope that Kefi – the spirit of joy – will continue to live on in your family.

With deep gratitude,


The Kefi Team

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