Why Membership?

Even Superheroes
have Sidekicks

As a parent, you’re doing the most. Juggling play time, study time, meal time, family time, and me time can be exhausting. Our modern family club is here to help you balance it all.

Membership $99/month (plus tax)

• Daily access for up to 5 family members

• 4 Guest Passes Per Month

Access to grownup lifestyle services and classes (e.g., immersive yoga, spa appointments, etc.)

Exclusive access to birthday packages

10% discount at Xander Coffee

Invites to exclusive and special events

Member Perks


10% discount on Xander purchases

Guest Passes

Share the love and bring your friends!

Birthday Parties

Exclusive access to packages


Drop-Off Access

Me Time

Enjoy Parent Lounges in peace


Playsmith-guided experiences by age

Exclusive Events

Member-only Events

Grown-up Fitness

Immersive full sensory classes

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