How I Kefi

"Kefi is one of the most amazing concepts to hit Atlanta. My children absolutely love visiting and it is wonderful to have a place to work while my kids are occupied. I think Kefi is a great value for the price, and would highly recommend it to any families looking for a hybrid of childcare/teleworking."


In the words of our friends


Kefi is hands down the best place for my kids to play in a safe & clean environment while I’m able to get some work done. The staff is always so friendly and helpful! It’s a home away from home and truly one of a kind.


The staff are excellent and the reason I remain a member!


The staff are incredibly kind and amazing. They recognized my children and me on our second visit and knew all of our names by the third visit. They work hard, but are so sweet while working hard. And I really appreciate their focus on cleanliness.


You are all some of the most special humans – truly kind and generous with giant hearts. My heart was truly swelled and I was a bit speechless watching you all with my son. Beyond grateful to have you all in our lives. 


Love the concept, have recommended to a few friends already. Great culture on the team too.


Member-only model did it for me. With this global pandemic, walk-ins should definitely be avoided. Safety for our babies trumps all these days!


As a working mom, Kefi was a game-changer for me before COVID-19 and now so even more.  Thank you to your team and everything you’ve had to “roll with” while things in our country keep changing.


My child has a great time and I am able to work. INVALUABLE.


Kefi truly has become a home away from home, where everyone knows my children’s names, personalities, needs and likes, and where I feel supported as a working mom. 

What our other fans are saying...

"For every parent who has ever cursed Chuck E. Cheese, this new play space may come close to nirvana. It is colorful, interactive, clean, and well staffed with plenty of Playsmiths."

- The Atlantan Magazine

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