Kefi Camp | Wizarding World
Monday, April 5th 8:00-12:00pm
$300 • For Ages 7-12

At Kefi Camp, kids will play, create, explore and have fun alongside their favorite Playsmiths all week long. Kefi Camp is available for Kefi members ages 3-12 years old. Kids will be divided into groups by age, to encourage collaboration. Reserve your spot quickly as capacity is limited and only available to Kefi members and their guests.

Wizarding World (ages 7-12): There’s a magical week ahead as kids fly into a world of stupendous spells and mythical monsters! Each day is action packed as they try their hand at brewing potions, escaping enchanted castles, and even battling beats in wand target practice. No need for an owl invitation, cast a holding charm on your spot today!

Note: This is a week-long half day camp; full day camp options are not currently available. Choose a morning session, 8am – 12pm, (late pickup available at 1pm) or afternoon session,1pm – 5pm, (late pickup available at 6pm) to get started.

Single day options available at $75/day. Email to inquire.

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