Our in-house video production studio lives in our retail store. We already produce toy reviews and parent-focused Expert Chats, but we’ve only just begun.


Coming soon to Kefi Studios…

  • Kefi Television (KTV): Kefi’s exclusive content hub, where we will be producing sketches, commercials, and everything in between
  • Star Package: a birthday package to incorporate filmmaking and star status into the birthday party of your dreams
  • Studio Star Memberships: we train your aspiring filmmakers and actors to film, edit, and act in their own special movies

Each day, there’s hours of entertainment for the whole family. Here’s an example of a day in the life at Kefi Studios…

  • 10:00  Dance Bash
  • 11:00   Studio Storytime
  • 12:00   Toy Showcase
  • 1:00     K. at Play
  • 2:00    Toy Showcase
  • 3:00    Kefi Koncert
  • 4:00    Toy Showcase
  • 5:00    Dance Bash
  • 6:00    Studio Storytime

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