The Art & Science of Play

Here’s our philosophy: every child is special and unique, deserving of the opportunity for free play based on their developmental and play needs. With small group-guided experiences, kids can explore the endless possibilities of their imaginations while playing with peers of similar needs and interests. Younger children ages 5 and under engage in more physical, hands-and-knees toy play while older kids enjoy autonomy as they collaborate with others in digital experiences.  Meanwhile, grown ups can take a break in one of the adults-only lounges, indulge in self-care treatments, or grab a snack at Xander. 

Crawlers & Littles Play

Our Beginnings space is designed for littles ages 1 to 3. Filled with developmentally appropriate toys, our littlest friends can discover, create, and make sense of the world around them through unstructured play. Drop your littles off with our Playsmiths, who engage and guide them at every step of the way, and head over to Oasis for a coffee or take a yoga class.

Juniors Play

For kids ages 3 to 5, we invite them to dive into the depths of their imagination through creative, dramatic activities and toy play. With Playsmiths as gentle directors setting the stage, junior explorers can turn their dream worlds into reality through an array of cutting edge toys and inspiring spaces with their peers.

Big Kids Play

Kids ages 6 to 12 engage in developmentally appropriate, tech-driven, immersive experiences. We embrace their love for digital by elevating play within a social and hands-on context and creating positive gaming experiences. Through 3D technology, physical, and team play, kids have the opportunity to collaborate and socialize with their peers and stay plugged in.

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