Play At Kefi

Our six play experiences are designed to foster a child’s confidence, creativity, and collaboration skills.

These spaces are designed to change based on time of day and season to maximize how relevant they are by age range.

Ages 0-2:

For our youngest friends, we have two spaces perfect for those in the beginning stages of creativity, motor development, and communication.

  • Beginnings is designed to offer babies and toddlers the chance to play and explore the world around them with developmentally-appropriate wooden puzzles, instruments, push toys, and rattles. Plus, parents can drop their 1+ year olds off here for intentional play while they enjoy “me time” in the Oasis.
  • Creative Courtyard is a play space filled with endless opportunities to develop collaboration skills, create story-driven imaginative play, and utilize familiar objects in an unfamiliar setting.
King Jacob

Ages 3-6:

For this older and more developed age, we have several options that allow them to develop independence by providing a safe environment to explore new spaces while their parents are enjoying unburdened “me time”.

  • Toytropolis lets kids break down the barriers of traditional play; you might find Barbie and Optimus Prime teaming up to rescue an Apatosaurus!
  • In Story Cave, they can customize and train their own four-legged friend in our one-of-a-kind PuppyTown.
  • In Fun Field, they can hone their gross motor skills as well as advance their problem-solving and direction-following skills while having a blast climbing all over our safe and modular blocks while participating in one of the ever-changing game modes.

Ages 7-12:

For our oldest group, we want to keep things culturally relevant and developmentally-stimulating. Every space exposes them to pop culture in a controlled, positive, and age-appropriate setting.

  • In Beat Box, we have dance parties with modern hits so they can rock out to Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, and more of your favorites.
  • In Toy Testing Lab, kids have the opportunity to experience and review the newest and coolest toys on the market without needing to purchase them first.
  • In Kefi Studios, we have dance parties, toy showcases, singalongs, and more. Coming soon,  Studio Stars we will help them write, direct, and star in their very own videos.

We have several more games and experiences (such as Space Mission this March) coming soon for our older friends, so be on the lookout!

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