BRIO Deluxe Railway Set

Ages 3+

Available for play soon in our Atlanta location!

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BRIO’s railway sets captivate fans, both young and old, for hours at a time. Crafted from wood and plastic with a fabulous range of accessories BRIO creates innovative, high-quality and well-designed wooden toys with clean, simple designs that spark children’s creativity and imagination while encouraging and supporting each stage of their development. For over a century, BRIO’s mission has been to create happy childhood memories. BRIO wooden toys are made of 100% FSC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests and are built to last. Never stop playing. This is the most complete BRIO Rail & Road world there is! An action packed setting including passenger trains, freight trains, harbour scenes and metro fun, complete with stations, cranes, bridges and figures. A must-have for any train lover! Let the imagination set the destination.

Item # 33052

"With more than just tracks and trains, the accessories are what bring this set to life."

The Brio Deluxe Railway Set is the perfect first train set. It is just the right size with just the right amount of real life accessories. Featuring cranes, metro station with sliding doors, a two level train station with a cranking elevator, and even cargo ship, the possibilities of play abound!

This set is just right in every way. Medium in size but not lacking in fun accessories, this set will fit most standard train tables. No train table? No problem! The included soft-sided storage container makes it easy to play and store, but also unzips to act as a mat with scenery to build the set upon. Brio has really thought of everything with this set to both thrill the imagination of a child but also meet the clean-up and storage desires of mama’s everywhere. 

What makes playing fun

With more than just tracks and trains, the accessories are what bring this set to life. Using the working magnetic crane, littles can push their cargo ship into the harbor to pick up a shipment from a passing train or be a passenger on a metro train with working lights and horns, adding realistic sights and sounds to a little's imaginative world. With 3 bridges and a 2 floor train station, this set offers multiple levels of fun.

Why it's better with friends

The size and construction of this set make it fantastic for playing with friends. Tons of trains give lots of littles the chance to engage and interact with a world of make-believe alongside their friends. The quality working features of the various accessories even make it fun for bigs to play alongside their littles. This set is perfect for tiny engineers intrigued by trains.

Our Take: BRIO Deluxe Railway Set

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