Children’s World Globe 180 Piece 3D Puzzle

Ages 7+
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Children's World Globe 180 Piece 3D Puzzle

Discover a new dimension in puzzles with 3D Puzzle from Ravensburger. Curved plastic pieces fit together to form a perfectly smooth surface. Each puzzle piece is numbered on the back so you can puzzle by the image or by number – your pick. The finished 3D Puzzle on the provided plastic base stand is a “picture-perfect” decoration for every room.

Item # 12338

"Start with piece 1 and continue in the spiral fashion noted in the instructions until you have the whole world in your hands!"

180 piece 3-D globe that is recommended for ages 7-12 uses Ravensburger’s Easyclick technology to create a fully functioning and rotating globe that can be enjoyed when both creating and after its completion!

With a twist on the traditional puzzle, this 3-D globe can seem daunting upon first look. However, the durable plastic pieces easily click together for a sturdy hold and are both numbered and arrowed allowing easy assembly for even the youngest puzzle lovers. Rather than using the artwork to guide construction, friends should flip and order all pieces based on their number range and follow the arrows to make a fully functional globe. It is important to note that the puzzle needs to be assembled in order, rather than in bits and pieces. Start with piece 1 and continue in the spiral fashion noted in the instructions until you have the whole world in your hands!

What makes playing fun

It is always fun to see your handiwork come alive. The 3-D nature of this puzzle allows you to see flat 2-dimensional pieces form to make a true piece of art. Because this puzzle durability and accompanying stand, once assembled, you can display your handiwork and use it as a tool to explore the world or demolish and play again on another day.

Why it's better with friends

Everything is better with friends! Ordering this numbered puzzle’s pieces can be a little monotonous and time consuming on the front end but can really hone a little’s number sense. Working as a team to get all the pieces in order for assembly and then working together to actually assemble the globe requires more than one set of hands. Being able to look at what your hard work together has created will pave the way for developing communication skills and fun!

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