Five Little Fish

Ages 3+
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Flip a Lily Pad Card to see which fish to catch. Use a Fishing Rod to hook the fish you think will match. If it’s a match, you keep the catch! Pay close attention! The fish change positions. Can you remember which one’s which? Catch the most fish to win!  

Item # 60001768

"This twist on the classic game of memory is truly a catch!"

This simple but fun spin on the game of memory is geared for preschoolers ages 3 and up. Fishing for the goldfish with the colored tail that matches the lily pad card the player flips give this game a more hands-on approach to classic matching games.

This basic, yet engaging game is fun for even the youngest players. The colorful, retractable tails of the fish are fascinating for littles and since there are only 5, make success in the game feasible for all. The vibrant lily pad cards dispersed like a lake give the game structure without making it overwhelming like normal matching games can have the tendency to seem. There are fishing poles provided to make the process of finding your matching fish more fun, however, due to design, pose a challenge for young players with still developing fine motor skills. Overall, this twist on the classic game of memory is truly a catch!

What makes playing fun

5 captivating and lovable little fish invite young players to jump in to a sea of fun. Fishing for the perfect match alongside friends makes matching engaging and exciting!

Why it’s better with friends

This game can simultaneously be encouraging and competitive. What a win! The simplicity yet engaging nature allows for the youngest littles to play together independently but is also fun enough for older siblings or parents to join in as well. Competing against friends to catch the most fish by harnessing the concentration and powers of their developing minds allows kids to work together to remember where fish are while still competing to win big!

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