Le Petit Artist – Collages So Pop

Ages 3+

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Collage, from the French “coller”, to glue, is a unique and very popular visual art. It is the creative assemblage of different forms glued to a medium to create an almost 3-dimensional masterpiece. Almost anything can be used for collage; paper, photographs, clippings, and other found objects. All can be combined to express your inner creativity and imagination. Collage has been around for hundreds of years but was popularized in the contemporary art movement lead by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.

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Item #: DJ08666

"The finished products that your children will be able to create are the art projects that you will treasure for a lifetime!"

DJECO’s Collage So Pop from their Le Petite Artist collection brings your child’s art to life. This set includes 4 picture boards that provide the creative space for you and your tiny artists to make your own. Featuring whimsical twists on animals like butterflies, ladybugs, and giraffes, the various laminated cardboard pieces, stickers, and jewels can be layered and built to bring the two dimensional pictures into early creators’ 3 dimensional worlds.

These sets are a mom’s dream come true. With everything you need contained within box, easy clean up, and picture based instructions, these collages are something older preschoolers could access all on their own or little ones could be encouraged and guided by an older family member. The quality of the included supplies is exceptional and the packaging draws you in immediately. The finished products that your children will be able to create are the art projects that you will treasure for a lifetime!

What makes playing fun

The adorable and fun packaging of this product makes it fun from the moment you open the box until you hang the finished product on the fridge. All of the paper art elements are packaged and labeled to designate which picture board they are intended for. Artists can follow the outlined design but also have creative freedom and flexibility within each project. The bright colors, dimensions, stickers, and accessories make these works of art advanced looking but easily accessible for the earliest artist. This is an art project both you and your child will be proud to display!

Why it's better with friends

Whether friends are completing entirely separate picture boards or collaboratively working together to create a joint masterpiece, this box contains hours of fun and opportunities to spur on each other’s creativity. Playing with friends gives the chance for kids to build upon each other’s ideas or for a parent to watch the vision of their littles come to life.

Our Take: Djeco Le Petite Artist- Collage So Pop

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