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Bingo with a Zing! Nominated TOTY 2009 Best Toy of the Year! This innovative game encourages pre-readers and early readers alike to match the pictures and words on game tiles to the pictures and words on the challenge cards. The first player with a full card wins the game by yelling “Zingo!” Two levels of play and several game variations keep the zaniness going for hours! Learning skills developed include reading and spelling, memorization, and matching skills.

Item # 45007700

"The educational benefits of matching pictures to words is just one of the perks of this fun and fast paced game."

Bingo with a zing! A fun and durable twist on the classic bingo game invites young players to practice their basic reading skills in a more hands on and engaging manner. Players strive to be the fastest to call out and grab the Zingo! card that matches one of the spaces on their game mat. Be the first to cover your card and ZINGO, you win!

This game is accessible, easy to catch on to, and appropriately paced for young learners. The durability of the game pieces, card dispenser, and Zingo! mat make it a preschooler’s dream come true. The educational benefits of matching pictures to words is just one of the perks of this fun and fast paced game. It encourages players to use focus and attend to the cards being dispensed as well as what it on their Zingo! mat. The amusing card dispenser ejects two cards at a time, allowing for multiple players to feel successful within the same round. Even though geared towards littles, this game is a win for all ages!

What makes playing fun

The active and quick tempo of this game will hold the attention of even the most distracted players. Honing concentration, reading, and attention skills is a bonus, but competing against friends to be the quickest to fill your mat and call out “Zingo!” breathes life into the overly common game of Bingo.

Why it's better with friends

Luck rather than strategy as well as competition make this the perfect game to play alongside friends. Who will recognize the pictures and call out the words the quickest? Which cards will be dispensed and whose mat will they match? Taking turns being the dealer while still competing to cover your 9 squares makes this the perfect game to play with a partner or up to 6 friends!

Our Take: Zingo!

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