Top 20 Totally Amazing Features of Kefi!

Spaces for Kids,
and Parents Too

Parents, you are not an afterthought.

1. We have a luxury coffee shop featuring Counter Culture coffee, healthy snacks, and tasty meal options.

2. We have coworking spaces for parents featuring private work booths.

3. We have drop-and-go programs so you can run some errands, shop, or even enjoy a Saturday date night!

4. Kefi is a place for busy parents who value ‘me time’ and ‘we time’.

Clean & Safe

Our spaces are meticulously clean. And your child will always be safe inside Kefi.

5. Every toy is sanitized daily with special Zono machines.

6. Have you heard of magical hand-washing stations? We’ve got ‘em and they’re like a car wash for your hands!

7. Each kiddo gets a Kefi Play Bracelet upon entering the space that works with our super secure slide gates. These bracelets act as a back-up to our trained Playsmiths.

8. We have fall-safe flooring in all of our kid environments.

Fun and Engaging Environments for Kids

You’ll have to see it to make believe it.

9. Our story-driven play environments spark wonder and imagination in all!

10. We have the coolest toys out there….out of boxes for kids to play with and parents to discover.

11. Our Kefi Play Bracelets allow us to save and share kid’s creations with their parents.

12. We have a wall of dancing robots!

13. For all our cookie monsters out there, we have a cookie bar, where we serve hot and delicious cookies all day.

14. There’s always a new friend to be made, whether you’re a little one, a grandparent, or anyone in between!

15. Our retail space acts as a video content studio!

16. We have immersive movie viewing experiences.

17. New toys, games and play experiences are added on a monthly basis.

Awesome Staff Called Playsmiths

Professors of fun. Esteemed toyologists. Professional dragon flight instructors. 

18. Our Playsmiths are full-time childhood learning experts.

19. They have amazing credentials, having previously been teachers, school counselors, exceptional child instructional specialists, and so much more!

20. They’re just amazing people who want to serve kids and families…come see for yourself.

Families Deserve Better.

There just aren’t many great places where families can play and be together. We’re creating family hangout spaces for both kids and parents. Giving kids the most fun they’ll have all week, and giving parents the space to thrive.

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